Assessment and full Network Roll-out for Charge Point Operators in Czechia, Slovakia and Croatia (Project EAST-E)Electric Mobility

For ZSE Slovakia, E.ON Czech Republic and HEP Croatia, all operating as charge point operators, the objective is to outline and plan steps needed for transforming of the existing infrastructure into a continual coverage with connectivity to neighbouring countries. This includes planning of sustainable business model, value proposition for the customers and required modification of regulatory environment.


All three operators needed to develop a viable plan for a larger roll-out of the EV charging infrastructure. A part of this challenge was designing the commercial offerings for the EV users, planning the next phase of the network deployment, developing the interoperable hardware and software, and utilising the synergies between the battery storage and the EV chargers.


The consulting services provided a deep dive into all lessons learned during the EAST-E project. The Network Roll-out covered the full scale of the EV charging value chain – from designing the charging network and charging sites, through customer preferences and the best value proposition, designing sustainable business models, adapting the hardware and software standards, deploying service innovations and adapting the regulatory framework.