Planning of urban EV charging network in Bratislava, Slovakia (Project URBAN-E)Electric Mobility

For ZSE Slovakia, a member of E.ON Group and charge point operator, the objective was to design and plan the urban network in capital city Bratislava with 50 AC charging stations (22 kW) and 5 DC (50 kW) fast chargers.

The charging sites needed to be well-positioned, consumer-focused and enable all relevant use cases including intermodal transport.
Stations on the map:

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The Operator needed to suggest the most efficient network-planning methodology and traffic models to ensure sufficient coverage for defined use cases, support integration with other modes of transport and continuity with the long-distance EV charging network. The designed network shall meet the end-user requirements and availability of the grid connection. The objective also was to develop the tools and methods for sites evaluation.


We supported the client in all required areas and challenges, developed the methodology and deployment map and the final sites. The deployed EV charging network at urban and long-distance travelling sites is visible on the map of ZSE Drive service.